Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday Scribbling - Instructions

Inspired by Jenny who had a wonderful post about really short stories and Tara who had a wonderful little Scribble this week, here’s a mini-Scribble. It’s a bit “dark and twisty” for this mom from the burbs, but it’s the one that has wrestled itself to the top of the brainstorm heap and was the tough bully among them that said, “It’s my week this week”.

The gas can thumped against her leg as she walked back to the car.

With each thump she could feel her heart starting to slow down from the frantic pace of earlier in the night.

She wasn’t an evil person. She didn’t want to hurt him, even if he deserved it. But he did have to face the consequence of his actions.

She put the gas can in her trunk and traced her steps back from where she had come. When she saw the slick glimmer on the pavement in front of his driveway, she stopped.

God - why does he love that thing so much? she thought. It’s old and ugly and the seats have springs poking through the cushions. What is so important about that old truck? Why does he love something like that and he can’t love me?

The answer was in the palm of her hand. Not the answer to the question, but the answer to this pain she felt tonight.

In white letters on a red background, "Close cover before striking."

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Cheryl said...

Kim! I feel I've discovered an entirely different side to you! Really great writing!

deirdre said...

Ooooh. Very good. I like dark and twisty and you've done it well. These short little stories say so much and leave me wanting a little more. Delicious.

Pacian said...

Cool. The little details make this little story much bigger than it seems.

If you know what I mean.

Tammy said...

Hi Kim! Because I type with one lone finger I can't comment on 85 posts but I'm thrilled you left a message. I loved your cute little story. LOL ( I can be dark & twisty). You schedule made me want a nap! Good luck and coffee is always on.

Carole said...

Thanks for your good wishes on my blog. I love 'dark and twisty', and also like it when a lot is said with a few words.

Roadchick said...

Oooooo...very dark and twisty!

The 'chick likes!!!

Amber said...
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Amber said...

That is, I KNEW you had a dark side!


Terri /Tinker said...

Wow - That dark and twisty little tale was a doozy!
Sometimes great things come in little packages ;)

Jenny Rough said...

Wow, a very powerful short short story.

Anil P said...

Hmmm. Reflective.