Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Scribbling - What else could I still be?

I have been a Sunday Scribbling Slacker. A lazy, drunk with the sunshine, summertime slothful, avoiding anything that takes too much brain power, kind of a slacker.

I skipped last week. The "What could I have been . . ." post just would have been too daunting. Too convicting. Perhaps, if I'm honest, it seemed like it would be too disappointing.

This week's post seems a bit more hopeful but I still catch myself with a bit of the "why bothers". But in the spirit of wishing upon a star, following dreams and making them come true just like my favorite Disney films, here is what could be in the life of Kim . . .

I could be a concert violinist, except that I sold my violin for money towards a down payment on our home. But maybe, I could find a disgruntled little kid that didn't want theirs anymore and I could practice until I was good enough to play again with an orchestra. I could travel the world with a renowned maestro and play in the greatest concert halls in the world.

I could be a writer for a successful television show with characters that make you weep through their trials and sufferings and laugh at their clever lines. I could sit with the stars at the Golden Globes and hear my name called as one of the writers of the best Drama of the year.

I could be an artist. The kind that move you with their images of color form and feeling. I could wake each day with the knowledge that I could share an experience with my creator and CREATE something that day. I could feel the pleasure, the awe, the agony, the joy of bringing something beautiful into the world.

I could be a singer, the kind who sounds like they were dropped from heaven and carry every bit of divinity in the blend of notes that comes from their throats. They would play my songs on the radio and my favorite singers would be calling begging to do a duet with me.

I could be a spy. One that speaks eight languages and carries passports from different countries and know secret codes and saves lives on a daily basis. I would make sure the bad guys are put away and the crooked ones were exposed for their lies. I would uncover the plots and plans of those who seek to hurt the innocent and I would always do it in the snappiest looking outfits.

I could write a novel. A really good one. One that is taught in college courses by the smartest of graduate students who know what really good literature is. I could be added to the great "list" that everyone talks about of all the great books one should read. I could be invited to Oprah and she could sing my praises to her beloved Gail and the rest of the world and beg me to write another book that she could slap her big "O" sticker upon. I could walk into Powell's and see my book with a staff recommendations tag underneath it.

I could be a mom that raises kids who know how to live, how to be kind and how to help others. I could love them unconditionally and support them in any thing they choose to do, even if it's working at Taco Bell. I could be the kind of wife who faithfully supports her husband and laughs at his silly jokes, hugs him when he is handed disappointment and always remembers him as the stunning guy in the tux who took her breath away those years ago.

I could be a grandmother someday. One who spoils her grandkids and tells stories of how their parents used to misbehave. I could be the one who listens, really listens to their stories, treasures their crayon masterpieces and actually wears their Fruit Loop necklaces.

I could be a lifelong friend. Always willing to help, to encourage, to nurture and to challenge those who grace me with their time and their love. I could remember birthdays, anniversaries and even the losses of life and always be ready with a loaf of banana bread, a card or a glass of good chardonnay depending on the occasion.

I could be all of that, or none of that. Time will tell. And who knows what tomorrow will bring? Perhaps the FBI will be knocking on my door tomorrow. Better check my closet for snappy outfits . . .

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paris parfait said...

Fabulous post, rich with possibilities! I think you can do anything you want - and you will, once you decide what you want most of all, what causes your heart to sing and seems more like joy than work. Bonne chance et bonne courage, mon ami!

Bug said...

I love the part about being a spy! It was so surprising mixed in with those artistic goals! Well done, and welcome back to Sunday Scribblings!

Amber said...

You get my Favorite Sunday Scribble ribbon, my dear. I loved the fancy in this! You really were not afraid to dream here! It made my Migaical Child smile. ;)


wendylou who? said...

I too love the spy part...and have practiced one or two Imaginary acceptance sppeches....for my day. I thought the part about the violin was very sweet...and the part about friendship was very real.

Deb R said...

OoohOOoh, I love all your choices of things you might still be!! What wonderful possibilities!

briliantdonkey said...

excellent job with this week's prompt. Very thought provoking and uplifting. Thank you.


Roadchick said...

Roadchick has been known to practice those acceptance speeches and plan what she would say on Oprah after her novel is published. See you in the Green Room!

Laini said...

I love the silly dreams (spy) mixed in with the warm, real ones! Unless you were serious about the spy thing...? You never know, really. Maybe you ARE a spy. I can say absolutely I never want to be a spy. I would be awful at it! But a good friend, hopefully a mother and some day grandmother, those are things I want to tackle too. And are you really a violinist? Awesome! You definitely should steal some little boy's violin. Go for it.